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Will you still need a publisher in a digital, multi-channel world where you can engage directly with your audience?

The answer is yes. So long as publishers continue to add value, our services are useful, no matter what format you choose to deliver your content in.

The role of a publisher is more wide-ranging than you might think. A publisher will make sure your content is available in every potential outlet worldwide. Authors who attempt this themselves tend not to reach the market as widely. Publishers, through the process of careful selection, editorial input, and marketing, are turning undiscovered talent into international success stories.

Publishers will work hard to safeguard the author’s intellectual property, to derive maximum revenue from it, and as we keep pace with the increasingly sophisticated reading choices and the trends of the media consumer, we’ll know the best way to shape and channel your work.

But something else is worth considering too – publishers are only concerned with providing access to the best quality content – whether it is digital or in print. We are not driven by ad revenue, we do not view content as a cheap device merely to attract more subscribers, sell products or communications services.

The publishing business model is that of selling high-quality content to the right audience. And the ultimate customer, whom we aim to please, is the author.