Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant?

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Email marketing is an effective business strategy.

Email marketing can be old school, but it has helped Amazon to grow its business in 2023, and so can yours.

As the growth of the marketing industry has gone rapidly, we tend to be more fixated on the new ones instead of focusing on upgrading what has been on the plate. Digital marketing consists of many layers, starting from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click, and so on.

There are so many ways to reach wider audiences or customers from influencer marketing to advertisement, but rarely do companies or business owners set their eyes on optimizing for email marketing as their go-to door to gain more customers.

It’s understandable if they haven’t kept an eye on email marketing because of a few things, such as perception of spam, the complexity of execution, or misconceptions about the effectiveness of email marketing itself. Regardless of the prior perceptions, there have been several companies that thrive with their excellent email marketing optimization such as Amazon, Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club, and more.

Here’s why email marketing is still relevant to grow your business.

5 Reasons to (Still) Use Email Marketing

1. Feel Closer to Customers with Personalization

When it comes to email, you can always personalize each one that you’re going to send to your customers. Look up their history orders, search history, recent likes, and other metrics that can help you to tailor another recommendation to their email. You can utilize their intention and expose them to related items, giving them more options to consider.

The familiarity principle states that we tend to like and take something more seriously if we’re repeatedly exposed to it, and Amazon employs this technique.

2. Keep In Touch with Direct Communication

It’s essential to keep your customers close by having direct communication by using emails. It should not be just a regular email of promotion, but a targeted message straight to their inbox. Sending them a congratulatory message on their birthday as well as attaching a discount that can last for 7 days after their big day is more meaningful than just a 10% discount during the weekend.

3. Automation System You Can Rely On

Sure, here’s the active voice version of your sentence:

When your recipient lists a new customer after their first purchase, or when your store celebrates its first anniversary, the email marketing automation system provides a reliable option without requiring you to schedule an email each time. You can send an email to remind customers who have kept an item in their cart for an extended period or who have recently purchased a product that needs reviewing.

4. More Conversion to Your Website or E-Commerce Channel

Correctly executing and integrating email marketing can significantly impact your sales from a website or e-commerce. Amazon demonstrates this by using email as an extension of its website, with each button directly linking to a specific page on the website.

Customers hate too many processes or flows to do just one thing. So, make sure to not kill the interactions by having too many procedures.

5. Increase Customer’s Retention and Loyalty

When we as customers are getting intense attention from any brands with personalized, targeted, and specialized emails, we would not think twice if they launch new products or services.

Having a close relationship with your customers will eventually help them to build empathy towards your brand as well, and this can be amplified with well-targeted email marketing.

In this vast and ever-changing business trend, the customer tends to draw more attention to brands that curate specialized recommendations, congratulate them on birthdays, and assist them through complaints well.

With many artificial things that are developed, they yearn for something more personalized and make them feel seen as a person, not just names on customers’ lists.

Email marketing might be less shiny than other types of marketing, but it sure can feel more heartily and genuine at soul.

Adinda Feriana Madani

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