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Website design tips for beginners
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When you want to elevate your website, you need to read good website design tips. Luckily, we will be providing you with simple and do-able steps for beginners!

Nowadays, people rarely read in a long span of attention. Business owners with websites often find it tricky to engage potential customers and keep them interested in reading their website content.

Without knowledge of website optimization, achieving sales conversion from a website, reaching wider audiences, and maintaining a top spot in search engines may become impossible

Your website doesn’t have to be all shiny and fancy, but it has to answer the needs of the audience when they search for a service or product that you offer through your website.

This is what people might not be aware of. So, here are some tipsDo’s and Don’tsto kick off your website to the best.

DO consider having a responsive design

Your website readers are not only reading your content from a personal computer, laptop, or gadget with big screens. Sometimes, they only have their phone to work with. Make sure your website layout corresponds well when people read it on different gadgets.

If not, you might see your website’s font being too big, confusing layout placement that suddenly changes, or unreadable headers which all can be fixed with the help of DIPDOP service in website optimization.

DON’T make your content too wordy

When you have a lot of things to discuss in one content, make sure to split it up into different pages. It’s important to keep your website content neat, straight to the point, and well-understood. Not all of your website visitors use the language that you use in your website as their first language, so pick up the easiest vocabulary to make sure your content is delivered well.

Write like you’re going to explain your idea to an 8-year-old student who will learn it for the first time. Make sure to include enough keywords in your content so the search engine can detect your website.

DO input Call-to-Action (CTA)

It’s important to keep your visitors engaged more in your website, so include a clear and compelling CTA so you can guide the website’s visitors to take desired actions, such as filling out forms, booking for consultation, or directing them to the purchase tab.

You should not feel guilty to put two or three CTAs on the same page, because people might skip the first CTAs because they’re still not convinced enough before reading the whole page. Your second or third CTAs might assure them that it’s worth using or purchasing your service or product.

DON’T use decorative fonts

Decorative text on Google

Although fonts like these are very pleasing to use because of their uniqueness, sticking to a font that is readable on any device such as Sans-Serif, Serif, or Modern is more important than just for aesthetic purposes. You want your visitors to understand your contents, not to be confused about how to read the letters.

Serif and Sans-Serif Differences by Logo

DO ensure the speed quality

Does your website take more than 10 seconds to load? It’s crucial to keep your website load time fast because it will affect the user experience. You can maximize the website’s performance by choosing the right image file formats. Use a site speed test to know how much time your visitors need to see the content on your website through PageSpeed or Pingdom.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Tom Fishburne, on Design Powers.

Using a website for your brand might be a hassle or consume too much energy at one time because you need to know lots of things. If it’s getting out of hand, you can hire a professional team from an agency such as DIPDOP that offers website optimization at affordable prices.

Consulting will cost you ZERO money! Go check out our portfolio here and contact us now.

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